Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Islamorada, FL


Municipal & Tourism


Known as the sportfishing capital of the world, home to a wide range of natural coral reefs, and conveniently located a short drive from metropolitan Miami — Islamorada is a favorite weekend destination for the entire Jacober Creative crew. As part of our ongoing homage to local and regional destinations, Islamorada was ripe to undergo the Jacober Creative treatment.

Our Approach

For the logo design, we came up with a wavelike icon that ebbs & flows and forms a strong, simple and readable typographic logo. It’s a classic and contemporary approach that will stand the test of time but also steers clear from some of the traditional serif fonts that clutter up the traditional Florida Keys style. The undulating movement in the Islamorada logo is an abstract representation of waterways that make up and surround the Keys. The hooks in the letters also reference the fishing hooks that are integral to Islamorada’s favorite pastime.

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