Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Crossing the Galaxy of Culture In Our Newest Video


Not to blow our horn (and who doesn't love brass bands), but we wowed the folks at the Design Subtropic conference with our Jacober Creative Design Is Our Journey video when this mélange of a bonbon premiered there this month. Now watchable by all, it's not your mother' (or father's if you must), typical promo piece – it's an artful and idiosyncratic take on the why and what of our approach to...everything. 

We wanted to make a splash (oceans and mermaids are our raison d'être) at our eponymous principal Paul Jacober's presentation, How to Be Sketchy and Successful, Enhancing Your Brand Through Creative Illustration. This first edition of what promises to be an annual conference seemed the perfect place to launch our new video. "I instantly fell in love with the illustration-centered design style and the playful personality that Jacober brings to the table," said Adriana Tamayo from Design Subtropic. And we wanted to return the love.  

The poetry-as-dream script tells our story, shares our inspirations, and is accented with a trance-like, house driven beat. It visually weaves in our typographic treatments with illustrations and graphics from our past decade. The effortlessly cool narration was voiced by our very own chanteuse – Madame M (aka Melissa Totten) – with her sly gloss on that easy-to-guess 1980s (but still here) pop star.

The animated short has a cyclical visual theme, with transitions based on spherical shapes that fuse and sometimes morph into one another. The video links the idea that all of our journeys our interconnected – by design – and how we use that design in our work and in our lives. Life Is How You Design It. Watch and share and, as we like to say, do it with flair and care.


Design Is Our Journey.
Living and breathing powerful ideas, striking graphics, branding savvy, marketing moxie. 
Serif vs. Sans Serif, Circles vs. Triangles, Pastels vs. Neons
Traversing typography. Ideating illustrations. 
No to the mundane, we're in the creative game.
From gestation to realization, discover the leading edge  … with flair and care.
Cross the galaxy of culture. Render the zeitgeist. 
Navigate the intersection of words and images. 
From Barbarella to Basquiat, Bowie to Ciconne, from Lana del Rey to Billie Holliday, Kanye to Kubrick, We are inspired and we aspire.
More than just a pretty typeface or a clever turn of phrase – we make life a little more beautiful, one pixel at a time.

Telling stories big and small, our work can move you – and unite us. Life is how you design it.
Who are we? Possibly the coolest design team you’ll ever meet.


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