Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

"Eejbowling" Our Day Away


It’s not a Korean word (though it sounds like a few). It’s not a new political movement (though maybe we need one). And it’s not a new boy band (though we still jones for those NSYNC songs). 

IJBOL – I Just Burst Out Laughing – is actually our kind of internet slang. And The New York Times agrees, noting that It first gained currency in the K-Pop fan world, ironically, but now is taking texting by storm, world-wide. For those not in the know, it's pronounced "Eejbowl."
At Jacober Creative we love both topicality & frivolity - and marrying them together. We’re always up for a good laugh and great design. Our big mouth illustration encompasses both, the acronym words spilling out of that big smile.

So while we're agog at the nutty #BidenImpeachment and #HouseSpeakerSelection shenanigans, we're also eejbowling about them. Neologisms meet the internet meet civic derangement, and 2023 ain't quit over yet!


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