Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Groove Is In The Heart: Jacober Creative’s Valentine's Day Tribute


Diamonds might be forever, but for us at Jacober Creative, these classics of the mega club era are our evergreen Valentine's Day specials. We love them as much as we love our curvaceous typographic tributes to these ubiquitous icons of cool. Grab that tambourine . . . 


Downtown Diva

Danceteria was our go-to 1980s NYC club to dance and sing, get up and do our thing with a Mark Kamins produced track or to see the coolest people in the world up to all hours finding their happy, upbeat place. The vibe and music was universal, and transcended all borders, boroughs and identities. Under the creative helming of the legendary Jimmy Fouratt, this was the place to be for us — once upon a time.

 Paradise Garage

Pull Up to The Bumper

House Music + the Big Apple always lead us back to the iconic Paradise Garage, that downtown temple of all night thumping, pelvis bumping, and sweat till you're soaking wet gyrations. Thanks to Larry Levan and soon to be celebrity DJ Junior Vasquez — love was really in the air.


Vindicated Vinyl 

We’ve spent many a (Donna) summers married to the sounds of Disco, which has become the "urtext " for so much of dance and club music today, sampled for hip hop and revisited by new artists like Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and Halsey. And as long-time South Beach residents and business owners, we were such fans of how the 80s and 90s party scene here morphed out of the disco era. We still love it. Ms. Disco, won't you be our Valentine?


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