Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

House of Jacober: The Best of 2022


2022 was wild and weird. From a new crew to new clients we expanded wide and took it all in stride.  We found inspiration everywhere from revamped virgin mocktails (the Dirty Shirley) to flowers turned clickbait (the hibiscus)  — nothing was out of reach at our studio on the beach. 

In 2022 we've been underwater (ReeFLorida), in the hospital (Jackson Health Foundation), getting artsy (Wynwood BID), receiving accolades (Neptune Awards) and imagining a new urban landscape (under the new I-395 Signature Bridge). Up, down and all around, Jacober keeps it cheeky with our trademark flair and crafty care. 

So sit tight, fasten those seatbelts and enjoy the recap. 


Where the Fishes Swim

There's nothing fishy (except the marine life) about the Frost Science Museum selecting Jacober Creative in a competitive RFP to name and brand their new National Coral Reef Conservancy. Our ReeFLorida moniker was a go with Frost, and we came up with a custom, hand-drawn logo, whose curvaceous, fluid lines suggest the undersea coral, and whose bright & contemporary colors echo the ocean world. We developed a series of marketing campaigns and custom assets that include videos, illustrations and exhibit signage. We love when a client's needs (save the reefs, save the world) align with our beliefs – don't quarrel with the coral!



Wynwood is Miami's first real urban arts neighborhood, redolent with graffiti and grit, galleries and late-night clubs, great eats and great meets. Their Business Improvement District (BID) chose us to be the new marketing agency of record, with a year-round contract focused on taking their branding and promoting work, and the community, to a whole new level. Wynwood is poised for new development and expanded offerings, and we'll be on board with fresh designs, sharp videos, smart social posting and great PR.

 Palm Beach Marina

We'd Rather Be Yachting

Things were ship shape this year with our ongoing client, the Town of Palm Beach (just a few barrier islands up from our Lincoln Road digs). Our marketing campaign for their newly renovated superyacht Marina (a little $40 million upgrade) garnered three Neptune Awards (cue the Aquaman music) from the Marine Marketers of America, the exclusive association for the industry. Our work ran the gamut from bespoke illustrations to original photography and video, from sparkling social media content to great PR.  We've helped the Palm Beach Marina get close to selling-out their slip, and that's a whole boatload of success!

 Paul Jacober Conference

Sketchy & Successful

We always relish opportunities to give back, and what better way to do that than by sharing our wisdom with up-and-coming professionals in our field. And that's just what we did when the face-of-the-place Paul Jacober led a workshop in March at the South Florida Design Subtropic festival. The focus was on our clever and award-winning illustration skills being applied to all kinds of interesting "extra" projects, giving our designers room to stretch their legs and have a little fun in the process. Personality: 10. Creativity: off-the-charts.
 LGBTQ Alliance

Just Say Gay

The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth –they're queer, here and used to it – has a mission we are so simpatico with: providing services to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth, their families, and communities. This year we refreshed their logo with a hip style that works for all their audiences. We love how it foregrounds the word “all" for inclusivity, and references the LGBTQ rainbow flag in a subtle and stripped down visual approach.  It's 2022, and love is all you need

 Jackson Health Foundation

What’s Up Doc?

Good health care is a necessity and a right, and our new client, Jackson Health Foundation, works to support the Jackson Health System in providing world-class medical services to all of Miami. This year they chose Jacober Creative in a competitive RFP process as the best suited to advance the Foundation's brand. From their Ice Cream We Love to their Guardian Angels fundraiser, we've been elevating the work. In these stressful (breathe in, breathe out) and uncertain (elections anyone?) times, it's reassuring to know Jackson's got you covered.  

 Downtown Signature Bridge

Playing the Name Game

This is Miami, so of course we all like to bitch and moan about the crazy patchwork quilt of new lanes and ramps you have to drive through as the new soaring downtown Signature Bridge is built. But there's always opportunity in the creative chaos, and plans are being laid to construct a beautiful linear park under and alongside the new raised I-395. Known in the past as The Underdeck, the committee in charge of this public space came to Jacober Creative to develop a new name and logo that could brand it as an iconic, central piece of the Miami urban core. We surveyed the landscape (literally and figuratively) and got essential stakeholder and community feedback, with Overtown Miami Greenway being the winner. OMG we can't wait!

 Dirty Shirley

Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious

Classic Hollywood child-star Shirley Temple was never ironic (more like iconic, stream her) but always a bit too sweet for our taste. Her namesake cocktail, the Dirty Shirley, these days is always, as The Grey Lady says, bit "post-suburban ironic, and verging on sickly sweet." Sprite, fire-engine red grenadine, and spiked with vodka, it's suddenly everywhere, and we wanted to add our own illustrative spin – the pandemic is (sort of) over, let's go-to-town —the drink’s on us. Cin cin!

 Florida Gone Wild

Where the Florida Wild Things Are

Miami may be a tamed and civilized urban oasis (just joking!), but our Florida tropical paradise is also notable for its vibrant fauna and flora, both native and exotic. While it's still under wraps, we've been working on our own idiosyncratic guide, Florida Gone Wild, that will lead both visitors and locals, through informative and fun descriptions, and très cool hand drawn illustrations, on a natural history magical mystery tour. Turtles and parrots and dolphins, oh my!

 Hibiscus Flower

This Bud's For You

Who knew our favorite flower was #clickbait. Beautiful, at one with our Miami subtropical climate, always associated with the Hindu Goddess Kali, and full of that healthy vitamin C (who needs the OJ), it's both of the moment and timeless. So from one perfectly designed flower and our perfect design team, this bud's for you. We'll be poolside sipping on a tall glass of iced hibiscus tea (Gwyneth says to hydrate).



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