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We understand all too well that in an increasingly competitive global market where new products are coming to shelves (both digital and physical) every day, businesses need to ensure that their packaging and presentation is attention-grabbing and effective.

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Graphic Design

Our team of packaging and industrial designers are skilled at making sure that all facets of your packaging stand out, but moreover, establish an emotional connection with your consumer. When approaching a packaging project we take a holistic approach to understanding the product, the competition, where it will be sold, how it’s merchandised, how consumers will experience the product, even how it will eventually be disposed, to ensure the most sustainable solution is considered.

Our industrial design team can also custom create packaging that is unique to your brand. We are experts in 3D modeling and can mock up prototypes using 3D printing before manufacturing. If your custom packaging needs are less complex, our design team is adept at working within existing molds or packaging templates and refining for your specific brand and sector, paying close attention to how the brand identity is displayed and the how the information hierarchy communicates the product’s offering.

Types of Packaging Design and Manufacturing: 

    •    Custom Container Design
    •    Retail Packaging
    •    Food Packaging
    •    Delivery/Shipping Packaging
    •    Point of Sale (POS) Display
    •    Trade Show Booths

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Mayorga Coffee package design Coco Rio package design
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When designing the packaging for our CPG client, Peekaboo Ice Cream, we first started with the container of the product itself. There are stringent rules by the FDA around food packaging that must be adhered while maintaining a strong sense of brand identity and still convey the brand’s unique selling proposition — all within a very competitive (and colorful) ice cream case. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that the packaging beyond the container — the delivery box, the package of dry ice, the marketing collateral, and even the influencer packages — were all cohesive and pushed the brand’s message forward. 

With our beauty client, Miami Beach Bum, we knew we were designing primarily for the brand’s instagram audience. Highlighted as the primary channel of discovery, the brand’s cool pastel hues and evocative imagery resonated with the largely millennial audience on the visual platform. Moreover, the choice of color and minimal but elegant typography helps the packaging further stand out on a shelf when placed next to other brands. The goal is to always make a meaningful connection with the consumer. 

Jacober Creative offers a full range of custom packaging design solutions for every stage of the product packaging experience. Give us a call to schedule your consultation with our packaging designers today. 



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