Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar


Our marketing team at Jacober Creative uses multifaceted research strategies to inform larger marketing approaches that are rooted in empirical methodologies.

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As businesses expand, additional products and services are offered, and consumer behaviors change, it’s always wise to do periodic checks to make sure a business strategy is aligned with the needs of its consumers, and course-correct if it’s not. Jacober Creative has crafted research for everyone from tourism boards needing guidance on how to allocate long-term budgets, to B2C companies looking to understand how their consumers interact with their communication channels and path to purchase. 


Focus Groups
It is important to note that the purpose of a focus group is not to obtain any quantitative data. The objective is to find “overarching” themes and detect trends. We prepare a “map” for the moderator that leads us to uncover insights into the thoughts and perceptions of our subjects. These are the insights that are used to improve communications, marketing, and even product offerings.


Online Surveys
The easiest, most efficient way to collect data is through the use of online surveys. We create, maintain and report results that can be distributed in several ways, depending on timeline and resources available: email, social, through partners and stakeholders, and affiliate networks.

Intercept Surveys
In this survey method, we go to the consumer where they’re most likely to be and deploy a street team of amiable brand reps to walk them through the survey process.



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