Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Social Media Strategy & Management

The expanding significance and impact of having a cohesive and effective social media strategy is key to Jacober Creative's work with many clients. In a world gone interactive, instantaneous and social, our company is skilled at helping groups maximize their impact.

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Social Media Strategy \u0026 Management


The first step in establishing a social media strategy that works for a client is assessing what role social media plays in its overall digital ecosystem. Whether it is increasing brand awareness, educating customers on a product/service, driving direct sales, creating excitement around product launches, or a combination of these — understanding how each platform can be leveraged to achieve a business' goals is central to a social media strategy. 

After deciding on social goals with a client, Jacober Creative works to establish which platforms are best suited to the target audience. With so many different social media outlets to choose from (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more each day) it’s always recommended that businesses commit to a few social platforms before scaling up.


Jacober Creative’s team of brand marketers and visual designers are skilled at creating exciting and compelling content that shines. Whether the strategy calls for a video campaign, custom instagram filters, setting up shoppable posts, or blog articles to take a deeper dive into a business, our social team can handle it all. 

Examples of our social content strategies:

User Generated Content:
The formulation of an effective User Generated Content campaign starts by coalescing the audience around a vested interest in a brand, and in turn, making them effective brand ambassadors to their audiences. 

Influencer Outreach:
Our team is skilled at identifying and establishing relationships with influencers on all levels to help expand a brand’s visibility. 

Video Strategy:
From live video to YouTube series, video is one of the best ways to engage an audience. 

Instagram Shopping:
One of the most exciting features that Facebook and instagram have instituted are the ability to tag products in posts and streamline the checkout process.  


With the expansion of advanced targeting techniques and a multitude of formats to choose from, our digital marketing team will help create an efficient social media advertising strategy designed for a business' goals, with more dexterity than traditional advertising avenues. From audience selection, to content creation and advanced optimization methods, our social advertising strategy is dynamic and custom built for our clients.

We’ve built successful social media advertising strategies for a variety of businesses, from destination marketing organizations like the Town of Surfside, FL, to launching consumer packaged goods like Peekaboo Ice Cream, to global builder Plaza Construction.


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