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Jacobar Jacobar

Website Design & Programming

We remain at the forefront of all the latest developments and advancing technologies for the online world, making sure our clients are always on the cutting edge of what’s possible.

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Website Design \u0026 Programming

We also look at larger consumer behavior trends and adjust our approach accordingly. We know we currently live in a mobile-dominated world, so we approach our design with a mobile-first mindset, ensuring a client's new site will be optimized for appropriate screen sizes.

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An e-commerce site's main goal is to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. In addition to great content, a customer-friendly design that provides a satisfying shopping experience is key to a site's success. Jacober Creative brings their overall design and branding experience to bear on their web designing and programming projects, working with clients to create and launch e-commerce sites that are unique and specific to each business, product and target customer. 

Our professional website programmers will create an easy to use back-end system to upload products, inventory control systems, and of course a beautiful, clean e-commerce front end that will appeal to customers and help increase sales. Whether your site needs a makeover or a quick touch-up, our team will work closely with you to turn your vision into reality.

Specializing in Django & Django CMS

Our lead web developer has been with us for close to 20 years and is one of the pioneers in using Django & Django CMS. Django is a web framework written on the powerful Python language, a high-end programming platform that offers rapid development, advanced security, flexibility and scalability.

Sites created with Python: Google, YouTube, DropBox, Reddit, Instagram
Sites created with Django: Pinterest, Disqus, Washington Post, Nasa, National Geographic

Django allows us to maintain a clean and easily extendable codebase providing for future development and growth. Additionally, Django CMS will allow a client to control the content of the site using simple and powerful front-end editing features.

Looking towards the future, Python is the leading tool for data analysis and machine learning and AI. It allows us to develop custom applications, like an AI chatbox that will answer visitors’ questions.

Jacober Creative Custom Website Examples:

– The Town of Surfside
– Wellaway
Trancas Country Market
Plaza Construction


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Jacober Creative Template website for Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design Jacober Creative Template website for Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design
Jacober Creative Template website for Homy Collective Jacober Creative Template website for Homy Collective


Jacober Creative’s design team also specializes in creating visually stunning and effective template-based websites using platforms like Wordpress, Shopify, and Squarespace. These platforms are best suited for clients that want a simple and elegant website solution that tells their brand story without complex programming needs. 

Examples of customized template-based options:

Mad Old Nut
Hillary LittleJohn Studio



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