Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

#IYKYK Marketing Campaign for Town of Palm Beach Marina


Marketing Concept Development / Video / Photography


The island of Palm Beach, renowned for its mansions, beautiful beaches and small-town charisma, has always been a place of exclusivity and allure for those in the know. And its state-of-the-art, ever-popular Marina is a key part of the Town’s fizzy appeal. This upscale and renovated superyacht facility has been a client of Jacober Creative for two years. We managed an award-winning and successful rebranding and marketing campaign  – “Anchored in the Heart of South Beach – when it reopened in December of 2021 after a $40 million upgrade and expansion.

This year our contract continued and we were tasked with coming up with a whole new campaign, including videography and photography, that could sustain and build on the Marina’s success and marketing as an fashionable, exclusive destination for both local and visiting boat owners. 

Our Approach

The popular catchphrase “If You Know, You Know” was the inspiration for our second marketing campaign. Shortened to #IYKYK, it effortlessly embodies the unassuming but always elegant style of Palm Beach, and the aspirational exclusivity of the renovated Marina.

The #IYKYK campaign photo and video shoot we directed revolved around the unspoken, nuanced understanding of the timeless Town – a world-renowned oceanfront community rich in history. Models Michael Justin (and his full head of fashionable all-white hair) and Beri Smither (with her captivating “former International Cover Girl” smile) perfectly embodied the island’s essential chic and grace. 

They were clothed in classic Palm Beach attire, including powerful prints, oversized designer sunglasses and on-trend sun hats, in collaboration with  “Carrie Bradshaw’s stylist” Danny Santiago. From the concrete floating docks of the Marina to setting sail on a yacht, from the iconic Italian restaurant Renato's to the Town’s signature shopping district Worth Avenue, each frame speaks volumes about Palm Beach's international cachet. And just like that…the shoot day ended at tranquil Lake Drive Park.

Project included:

- Marketing Concept Development
- Photography
- Video
- Marketing Assets Creation

1-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 2-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 3-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 4-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 5-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 6-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 7-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 8-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 9-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 10-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 11-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 12-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 13-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 14-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 15-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 16-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 17-PBM-IYKYK-rev_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 18-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg 19-PBM-IYKYK_Jacober_Palm_Beach.jpg