Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Palm Beach Tennis Center


Branding / Logo Design


At Jacober Creative, we know tennis! From branding Miami Beach's Flamingo Park Tennis Center, to working with international tennis royalty and South Florida's own Venus Williams, and now to the Palm Beach Tennis Center, we cover the courts. The upscale, residents-facing venue, located at the Town’s Mandel Recreation Center,  needed a new logo to refresh their brand and, impressed by our company’s successful navigating of Palm Beach’s renovated superyacht Marina relaunch, we were hired.

Our Approach

To gain insight into the world of tennis and the unique characteristics of the Town of Palm Beach we delved into the history of tennis in the region, explored trends in luxury branding, and drew inspiration from the lush, tropical landscapes of this oceanfront community.
Typography plays a pivotal role in logo design, and for this one we wanted to create a custom font that would be unique to the Palm Beach Tennis Center. It needed to evoke a sense of elegance while also being approachable. We developed a curvaceous custom typeface that exuded both style and playfulness. 

The emblem incorporates a tennis ball encased in a campaign style square with crisscross lines that echo the strings of a tennis racket. To infuse the logo with the vibrancy of Palm Beach, we selected a color palette that incorporated bright tropical colors synonymous with the fashionable, island community. These colors not only added energy to the design but also symbolized the natural beauty of the area, and the colorful history of the Town. The combination of understated elegance and vibrant hues created a logo that was visually striking and perfectly aligned with the exclusive Island life.

This project was part of a broader mission to establish brand continuity across various departments and facilities within the Town of Palm Beach, underscoring our role as the go-to partner for their comprehensive branding solutions.

And we delivered. Game-Set-Match!

Project included:

- Logo design
- Supporting collateral, letterhead, business cards, apparel, signage, marketing
- Style guide

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