Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Plaza Construction


Branding / Logo / Video / Web Design / Content Creation


Plaza Construction has their main offices in New York City and Miami, but a global reach with their new parent companies, the China-based CCA and CSCEC. Their signs are ubiquitous on building projects all across our own Miami Beach neighborhood. They came to us at Jacober Creative for “the complete package” – rebranding, a new logo, new content including a tagline, video segments and a refreshed website. Plaza was ready to move fully into their new stage of growth in the 21st century, and we were just the right team to help them do it. Working with Plaza has been a major focus of our work throughout 2018.

Our Approach

We updated the existing Plaza Construction logo by making it into a “shield” image with a clean, contemporary look. It was an evolution that allowed for continuity, by incorporating elements of the existing logo into a cleaner, more dynamic look.
Key to the rebranding was coming up with a catchier, can-do tagline – “It’s a Big World. We’re Building It” – that can now be seen all across their assets, from their website to construction sites, and is a quick way to identify who they are. We also crafted new, punchier mission and vision statements that will be used for inward-facing goals of staff guidance and inspiration, and outward-facing goals of letting potential clients know what Plaza is all about. 
Finally, we created multiple creative video packages that incorporated interviews with the President and CEO, for internal staff use, for posting on the company website, and social media. And naturally, that spread into some other production opportunities spanning photography, videos, and drone footage. 
Project included: 
• Branding
• Logo design
• Website design and programming
• Video creation
• Tagline and content creation
• Supporting collateral, letterhead, business cards
• Style guide

plaza-logo-beforeafter.png plaza-logo-beforeafter.gif plaza-logo-variants.png plaza-logo.png plaza-stationery.png plaza-tshirt.png plaza-grid.png
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