Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

The Alliance For GLBTQ Youth


Branding / Logo / Web


The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth is the only non-profit organization in Miami exclusively committed to providing prevention, early intervention social services, and advocacy to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth, their families, and communities. They needed to a new logo, branding, a web presence and more that would appeal to and work for the people they serve, their organizational partners, and their supporters.

Our Approach

The logo we designed was hip and easy to read, working for both the teens who would feel comfortable with the look, and the adult providers, who also are a part of the organization’s mission. It repeats the two “l’s” of the word Alliance to suggest equal signs forming a ladder – resonating with scaling the heights of discrimination and oppression towards a more egalitarian future. The logo’s playful use of typography makes a distinct impression, and the style is carried over to t-shirts, print collateral and unique icons. We created a website that is bright, clean, accessible and contemporary, with a mobile version that works smoothly across different platforms.


2-alliance-LOGO.jpg 3-alliance-WEB.jpg 4-alliance-LOGO.jpg 4-alliance-PRINT.jpg 5-alliance-COLLATERAL.jpg 6-alliance-ICONS.jpg 7-alliance-BCARD.jpg 8-alliance-SHIRT.jpg 9-alliance-LOGO.jpg