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Jacobar Jacobar

Shell-ebrate Turtles!


We love Florida’s beaches, and are always up for protecting them and the environment (we’re all in this together people!). For our latest creative project for our client the Town of Surfside, we created a coloring book titled “The Adventures of Surfy the Surfside Sea Turtle” to showcase the community’s commitment to the Florida loggerhead.

Cool, clever and full of interesting facts, the coloring book is a our way of spreading the word about sea turtle conservation and helping to educate the public about how important these ocean-going creatures are to our habitats. 

 Surfside Coloring Book

The Design 

The inspiration and the design of the coloring book draws on many elements – Art Deco styling, South Florida kitsch, and summer beach vibes. 

We wanted to keep the book light and fun, while also balancing educational tidbits and highlighting elements of the sea turtle conservation experience. There are scenes showcasing what happens in a turtle’s life cycle, including hatching on the beach, swimming in the sea and illustrating many of the dangers that pose a threat to sea turtle survival (say NO to plastic!) 

To make sure the book has a sense of place, we filled it with nods to Surfside’s architectural landmarks, including the fabulous Surf Club, the town’s beloved Community Center and the ever-so-chic Fendi Casa.

 Surfside Coloring Book

The Name 

Though we’re East Coasters now, we’re Californians at heart and couldn’t help but bring a little bit of the hang-ten vibes to our beloved beaches. (hello, endless summer!)  And while our Surfy is a little more of a lady, (and yes obviously Surf… Surfside, you get the connection) we loved the idea of an awesome lady turtle conquering the ocean. 


Surfside Coloring Book

The Story 

The coloring book was created to be fun and informative, to both enlighten and educate the young and the young at heart. Follow Surfy and her adventures from being a hatchling, navigating the perils of the ocean, and learn fun facts that you probably didn’t know about these important and majestic animals.

To bring her story to life, we also created a life-size interactive mural, perfect for adults and kids, that debuted at Surfside’s Third Thursday event this past March, with much success. If you’re around the Town and visit the Community Center, pick up a copy of the coloring book and see why we’re so passionate about the beautiful creatures!  

Surfside Coloring Book

Surfside’s Commitment to Sea Turtles 

As a scenic oceanfront community and popular tourism destination (for both humans and loggerhead sea turtles), the Town of Surfside is passionate about protecting the sea and marine life (and so are we at Jacober Creative).

As part of our partnership with Surfside, we’ve helped them raise awareness about sea turtle nesting season, which runs from May to October, and promote their ban on plastic straws. These make up a large portion of sea and beach litter and can easily be mistaken for food by a hungry sea turtle, so this is a giant leap forward in protecting our oceans. Shell-ebrate turtles and the Town of Surfside!


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