Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Not to be confused with an EGOT (although, we are working on that), every year the FGCT and Visit Florida recognizes exceptional examples of marketing for the State of Florida. This year, the Florida’s Governor Conference on Tourism was held in Orlando on September 12. And although we’re in the midst of one of our busiest times of the year, we donned our red carpet attire and braved the Visit Florida red carpet.



The Uptown Beachtown campaign showcases the two sides of Surfside one can explore on a Surfside visit. Illustrating the range of experiences Surfside has to offer, from luxury oceanfront hotel properties like the newly-opened Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club to the rich local flavor in it’s downtown shopping and restaurant district, Uptown Beachtown is the evolution of Surfside as a luxury beach vacation destination. Marketing initiatives for this campaign included a new website, social media presence, digital marketing strategy, marketing materials, and of course the production of new photography and video assets. Through the course of a very busy (and steamy) summer, we planned, produced, and primped: a photo shoot with 8 locations, a narrative video shoot, and six immersive 360 videos showcasing different Surfside hotspots. Phew!  



For this year’s Flagler Awards, the Town of Surfside was recognized under two categories: 1. Social Media Marketing and 2.) Resource / Promotional Material. The winning pieces were the “Wish You Were Here” Video and complementary 360 Videos + the marketing material we developed under the Uptown Beachtown photo shoot. 


Surfside is now the proud owner of 5 Flagler Awards, first through our Simply Surfside Campaign and now, through the evolution of the Uptown Beachtown Campaign. 

Many thanks first and foremost to the leadership of the Tourism Department through Duncan Tavares for allowing us the freedom to continue pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional tourism marketing. 


For more on our Uptown BeachTown & Town of Surfside work click here.



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