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Righteous as a mother. When the team behind Dea Maia Pupusas came to us to bring their brand to life, we were immediately taken with their mission to harness the power of their brand to employ and empower women in their home country of El Salvador. 

The name is derived from Roman and Greek Mythology, the constellation Pleiades represents seven sisters who were placed in the night sky to shine for all eternity. One of the brightest stars is Maia, the Goddess of spring and fertility. Dea Maia means Goddess Maia in Latin, and represents the rise and empowerment of all women. 

Their products are rooted in reimagining traditional El Salvadorean Pupusas for the modern American consumer: nutritious, fresh, and convenient to prepare. 

Our Approach

When approaching the brand’s logo creation, we wanted to bring elements of the Maia mythology to life, while also reflecting the brand’s strong feminine roots. We created a clean and contemporary logo with a female character that reflected the hairstyle of traditional El Salvadoran women, and memorialized her light with a radiating crown of seven stars. To further the brand identity, we matched her with a tall san serif typeface that is elegant and confident. The logo shines when applied on packaging, apparel, and of course on her own.    

Dea Maia logo design by Jacober Creative Dea Maia packaging design by Jacober Creative Dea Maia branding pattern by Jacober Creative Dea Maia packaging design mockup by Jacober Creative
Dea Maia branded logo color options Dea Maia brand guidelines Dea Maia branded tshirt design by Jacober Creative Dea Maia retail tag design Dea Maia branded apron Dea Maia branding pattern by Jacober Creative