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Jacobar Jacobar



Logo Redesign / Branding / Merchandising / Print & Web Advertising


Frangipani is a hip, superbly curated store in Miami’s arts and entertainment neighborhood of Wynwood. The merchandise comes from all corners of the world and includes eye-popping, one-of-a-kind products. They needed a new approach to their marketing and branding campaigns, and came to us to make it happen.

Our Approach

We started working with Jen, the owner of Frangipani (the eye behind all the incredible merchandise) to help create content for her Instagram feed. We began selecting products, creating storyboards and concepts to develop creatively executed animated GIFs and colorful, crowd-pleasing static posts. From a dancing octopus and unicorn, to animated purses that open up to a bag of surprises, these are some of our favorite illustrations this year.  We also wrote the snappy captions that help support online sales and push traffic to their website.

We were tasked with creating a tagline that could be used for the store. We came up with “Funky Fresh Fun” that really captures the special identity of Frangipani. It’s been very successful through all marketing platforms.

New custom-illustrated assets are now being developed, along with a reworking of the Frangipani main identity that will have a distinct, hand-drawn look. In addition, we are also creating custom illustrations for them — mermaid based, feminist inspired.

Project scope includes:
• Logo redesign
• Branding
• Instagram campaign
• Marketing assets

Frangi-Case-Study-Wrapping Paper.jpg frangipani-2-social.jpg frangipani-1-before-after.jpg Frangi-Case-Study-GIFs-1.gif Frangi-Case-Study-GIFs-2.gif frangipani-3-stories1.jpg frangipani-4-gif.gif Frangi-Case-Study-Wrapping Paper Mockup.jpg frangipani-5-IG.jpg Frangi-Case-Study-GIFs-3.gif frangipani-6-stories2.jpg frangipani-7-posts.jpg Frangi-Case-Study-GIFs-4.gif