Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Frost Museum


Design Concept / Illustrations

Our Approach

We showcased the wonder and awe that the Frost Science experience inspires. We drew upon the spherical nature of the Planetarium and the Living Core Aquarium to establish a cohesive geometric theme throughout the creative executions. These exhibits are iconic representations of Frost Science that should be celebrated in anticipation of the opening. The main verb of each phrase is called out in the Frost’s new brand font. Along with other markings, it ties the type back to the brand in a clear way.

1-frost.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-3.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-6.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-4.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-7.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-5.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-8.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-0.jpg 2-frost.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-9.jpg