Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Frost Museum


Design Concept / Illustrations


The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opened in it’s new, vastly larger location in downtown Miami in 2017. They needed a great campaign prior to launching that would help rebrand them as a premiere, state-of-the-art venue to attract visitors and public attention as they move into the 21st Century full blast.

Our Approach

We showcased the wonder and awe that the Frost Museum of Science experience inspires with beautiful illustrations and taglines to accompany them, about six months before opening. We drew our ideas in part from the spherical nature of the new Planetarium, as well as the Living Core Aquarium, to establish a cohesive geometric theme throughout our creative materials. All the illustrations contain the same circular graphic ratio but feature specific assets for particular exhibitions. These are iconic parts of the Museum that we felt should be represented and celebrated in anticipation of the opening. 

While the graphics are bold and dynamic, the taglines had to be versatile and straightforward. The main verb of each phrase is called out in the Museum’s brand new font. All the senses that are engaged in visitors – sight, hearing, taste and touch – are addressed in You Gotta Hear This, You Gotta Taste This, You Gotta Feel This to You Gotta See This. The visuals and text work together to create a unified branding for this great new science space.

1-frost.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-3.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-6.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-4.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-7.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-5.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-8.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-0.jpg 2-frost.jpg FROST-casestudy_Page-9.jpg