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Branding / Logo


The Duker family approached Jacober Creative to design a highly stylized, but modern family crest and accompanying logo to adorn their custom super yacht, Sybaris. One of the largest sailing yachts on the planet, the client wanted a design that was worthy of it’s commanding presence and distinguished family.

Our Approach

Jacober Creative drew inspiration from the name SYBARIS – an ancient Greek city whose citizens were regarded as the ultimate hedonists, famous for their opulent luxury and excesses. The bull was a recognized symbol of the Sybarites, and was stamped on their currency —  the only remaining artifact of this civilization. We combined this symbol with a rose to pay homage to both the family home in Westerlo, NY and the patriarch’s grandmother. A laurel wreath encapsulates the bull and ties the rose to an anchor at the base of the crest, a nod to the family’s love of the sea.

The Sybaris logo was created using a custom font that evokes the long, clean lines of the custom vessel.  The resulting combination is a unique representation of a family’s passion for the sea and innovative design.

sybaris-jacober-logosytem.jpg sybaris-jacober-measurements.jpg sybaris-jacober-bacrds.jpg sybaris-jacober-tshirts.jpg sybaris-jacober-logotype.jpg