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The care and maintenance of our bodies can be thought of as one of today’s “hottest trends,” and the Pilates toning and flexibility system is one of the most popular of all. The Sunset Harbor, Florida Pilates studio of Amanda Tamis needed just the right logo, and accompanying website, to brand her as one of Miami metro ‘s go-to places for physical fitness, with an edge.

Our Approach

A playful, geometric deconstruction of the “m” in the name Tamis became the focal point of the logo we designed, with the idea that it could be separated and stand alone as an icon as well. It’s sleek, contemporary and eye catching, suitable for use on business cards to branded water bottles. The logo suggests motion and speed, an angled body working out well-exercised muscles.

tamis_logo.jpg tamis_collateral.jpg tamis_card.jpg tamis_web.jpg tamis_bag.jpg