Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Town of Surfside FL Tourism Campaign


Marketing / Advertising Campaign


The Town of Surfside hired Jacober Creative for a third consecutive year to create an on-brand theme and all new marketing materials for their 2017/18 Tourism Campaign. Located on the ocean in Miami-Dade County, just north of Miami Beach, Surfside wanted to continue to promote their locale as one suitable for more upscale, adult activities, as well as casual and family-friendly ones.

Our Approach

Our approach was to focus on Surfside as an active lifestyle brand, and the campaign slogan that we created was a two fold solution: FAB, FIT FAM  and further developed as “Fit for Families and Fabulous for Everyone.” This was interpreted by us in a series of ads, for which we provided the concept, photography and art direction. From concept (storyboards) to implementation (a 12 hour shoot that included underwater and aerial photography) we captured four main locations and seven different scenes: Beach Fitness (both casual and dressed up), Beach Fun & Frolicking, Beach Picnics, Family Bike Path Time, Family Time at the Community Center, and Tennis. 

Our thinking was that the market was flooded with beach related imagery, and we wanted to include that but expand the fitness and outdoor themes. We created images that were unique and dynamic — not only from a concept angle, but down to all the details too, including clothes, colors, towels, even the bikes. We showcased the themes of family, fun and wellness while featuring Surfside’s beautiful natural surroundings. 

It’s All About Community
The Community Center served as a backdrop for an array of fun family activities: splashing in the kids play area, floating in the pool and a moment of underwater zen. In another scene, our “family” plays tennis at Surfside’s landmark tennis center. On the beach, the same group stretches in matching attire, rides bikes on the beach path, plays paddle ball in the sand and then caps it all off with a late afternoon picnic. 

The campaign also reminds visitors that while Surfside continues to grow in popularity as a family-friendly destination, it is also a fantastic destination for adult couples looking for a romantic getaway, like the intimacy of a beach walk or a night at The Four Seasons. 

Cockatoo Too
A special shout-out to the beautiful cockatoo Pancha, who … kind of stole the show.

Project scope includes:
• Travel campaign concept & execution of ideas
• Campaign conception & photography
• Advertising campaign

Surfside-Photography-Photo-1.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-2.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-3.jpg Jacober Creative Brand Identity for The Town of Surfside - Photo woman holding a large beach ball over her head Surfside-Photography-Photo-4.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-15.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-5.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-6.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-7.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-8.jpg Jacober Creative Brand Identity for The Town of Surfside - Photo of family doing yoga on the beach Surfside-Photography-Photo-9.jpg Surfside2017-Yoga-1.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-10.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-11.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-12.jpg Surfside-Photography-Photo-13.jpg Jacober Creative Brand Identity for The Town of Surfside - Photo of family holding hands running towards the beach