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Let’s Make Some Lemonade


Squeezing the juice out of every situation is what we do best, pandemic or not.  We’ve lined up several brand case studies of how we’ve been helping our clients make sweet lemonade out of sour lemons during this current climate, setting up their summer with a refreshing twist. 

jacober-blog-lemonade-break-2.png When life gives you lemons (or a never-before-seen pandemic like COVID-19) you have a choice on whether you want to just sit and stare at those proverbial lemons or do something about it. We don’t know about you, but at Jacober Creative our minds are constantly racing with fresh new ideas, and we’re ready to make some lemonade, Beyoncé style. Now we understand these are tough times for everyone in all facets of life, and consumers are going through a massive behavioral shift, but with this comes a tremendous opportunity. 

Many brands are choosing to adjust their marketing strategies and adapt to what will become the “new normal” for consumers. To give you an idea of what that might look like, we’ve lined up a few key examples of how Jacober Creative is helping our clients during this current climate, and to anticipate what lies beyond. 

 It’s a Big World. We’re Building it – the tagline that we came up with for our client Plaza Construction – showcases their innovative spirit steeped in their decades of experience in the industry. They looked to Jacober Creative to help craft a new brand.

REINFORCE: Plaza Construction

Sometimes it’s about getting back to basics. Our work with Plaza Construction initially focused on creating a more modern brand image and developing their four core values as well as mission and vision statements. This was all done with employees top-of-mind, finding ways to show appreciation for the hard-working team that is at the core of the company and attracting new potential talent for future growth.

With one of the main core values being safety, relevant now more than ever, Plaza Construction has shown genuine care and concern for its employees. During a time of crisis, communication from company leaders is key for any brand’s morale, and Jacober worked on thoughtful communication tactics. From internal company communication to the creation of social media campaigns, we were able to reinforce these building blocks that are the foundation of the Plaza brand (pun intended).

 jacober peekaboo packaging before and after

REFRESH: Peekaboo Ice Cream

Being a marketer means looking at your product through the lens of the target consumer and having the flexibility to adapt accordingly. Peekaboo Ice Cream started as one mom’s quest to get her kids to eat more veggies by hiding them in delicious ice cream flavors (veggie-averse adults can indulge too). When Jacober Creative started working with Peekaboo, the brand already had national supermarket distribution but needed a bit of a facelift on the branding and packaging.

We worked with founder Jessica Weiss Levison to develop a fresh take on her brand’s visual aesthetic that is indicative of the younger, Instagram-savvy mom demographic. This was all in the works pre-pandemic, but given the heightened demand on grocery store supply chains, we agreed the timing to be ideal for introducing a refreshed food brand to shoppers. Peekaboo Ice Cream was able to ramp up and press fast forward on their new packaging by a full month ahead of schedule, adding an unexpected treat to your latest grocery run. 



When your business is predicated on an active travel industry, a time of low demand is the perfect time to address the core of the brand’s image and embark on a complete revamp. Providing health insurance for global expats, WellAway needed a modern and contemporary way to communicate the brand tenets of excellence, dependability and positivity to customers from diverse cultures and languages. Our creative team got to work on a new brand identity that reimagined the WellAway logo in a crisp sans-serif font with a sunny disposition (literally) that could work in a variety of formats.

Because it’s an international brand, we knew that their brand communication needed to transcend translation, hence the custom illustrations that you’ll find guiding you through the WellAway web experience. As businesses and travel start to open up again, WellAway is poised to serve new and existing members with an easy to understand brand and product offering. 


Being able to be nimble and pivot to the changing world around us is what makes for good marketing. Whether it’s reinforcing the strength of a brand’s core values, expanding on an existing customer base through a brand refresh, or using our design acumen for a visual rebrand, Jacober Creative has been able to support our clients as a valuable resource during these challenging times. 

Take this opportunity to really look at your brand and squeeze those lemons to make improvements for the future. Once the dust settles from COVID-19, consumers will be viewing the world a bit differently, and the successful brands will be there ready to welcome them with a glass of oh-so-sweet lemonade.

 Jacober Lemonade soda can illustration

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