Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Snap, Pose, Repeat: Behind the Scenes at Palm Beach Marina Photoshoot


The popular catchphrase, “If You Know, You Know” was the inspiration for our team’s second marketing campaign for Jacober Creative’s elite client, the Town of Palm Beach Marina. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the photo and video shoot for the #IYKYK initiative (be bold or italic, never regular). Find yourself a part of the excitement, anxiety, exhaustion, and of course, accomplishment, that makes our work so satisfying.

Rise & Shine

Before the early morning sun could cast its warm glow upon the horizon, illuminating the Marina’s superyachts, our group of shutterbugs and creative minds arrived in full force (at the bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed 5 am). Equipped with blow dryers, cameras and the inimitable Jacober finesse, our mission was clear – capture the essence of Palm Beach's timeless charm and the Marina’s exclusive cachet. In 2021, when we won the competitive RFP to brand and market the renovated superyacht facility, the entire campaign, “Anchored in the Heart of Palm Beach,” was shot without the center being complete. Now, going into our new campaign, we had an actual (fully built and functioning) Marina to work with.

Cue the Coffee-Induced Special Effects. 

Our talented hair and makeup artist created a classic yet subtle look (with a little Farrah flair) for our ready-for-anything models. Michael Justin (and his full head of fashionable all-white hair), along with Beri Smither (with her captivating “former International Cover Girl” smile) perfectly symbolized the essence of the island’s charm: chic elegance and grace. They were clothed in eye-catching attire, including powerful prints, oversized designer sunglasses and on-trend sun hats, put together by “Carrie Bradshaw’s” stylist Danny Santiago. And just like that…our vision was brought to life. 

 Creative work for the Palm Beach Marina

The Deets

The #IYKYK campaign revolves around the unspoken, nuanced understanding of sophisticated Palm Beach – a world-renowned oceanfront community with a rich history. Michael and Beri became the perfect embodiment of this concept, breathing life into the campaign. Then it was time for our photographer and videographer to do their magic. Snap, pose, repeat – from the concrete floating docks of the Marina, to setting sail on a yacht, playfully named Stoaked. The team then ventured to the iconic Italian restaurant Renato's and Worth Avenue, the Town’s signature shopping district, before returning to the Marina to photograph the tranquil Lake Drive Park. Each frame spoke volumes about Palm Beach's international allure. 

Stay Tuned

As the sun lowered in the sky (and sunburns were kicking in), it was a wrap. After months of hard work and planning, we were proud to have brought our vision to life, and create the foundation for a powerful and impactful new campaign for our client, the Town of Palm Beach Marina. Stay tuned for the public launch in October 2023 – if you know, you know! #IYKYK



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