Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

CES Consultants


Branding / Logo


CES Consultants, a professional engineering and consulting firm specializing in complex governmental and infrastructure projects, needed an updated brand identity to better compete on a national level as their firm expanded. They wanted their brand identity (and proposals) to be able to stand out in a sea of similarly branded and similarly named competitors. It was also important to convey the firms legitimacy in terms of technological skill, financial strength, and political connections, as it grew and bid on bigger jobs. 

Our Approach

After a few discovery meetings with company leadership, it was clear to us that CES defied all the mundane and staid tropes one usually associates with engineering firms. A minority-owned business with a diverse staff and a sense of humor (just our type), we wanted to showcase their unique selling proposition in their new brand identity without steering them in an overtly corporate look. We took the acronym of their formal name (Civil Engineering Services) and customized a bold, sans-serif font to give each letter a tall and rounded shape. The connectivity of their services were also highlighted by drawing a through line traversing the equator of each letter. From the customized brand pattern to the presentation folders — each new brand experience imparts a sense of authority and confidence. 

CES Consulting rebranded logo by Jacober Creative CES Consulting branded stationery by Jacober Creative CES Consulting web design by Jacober Creative CES Consulting signage rebrand by Jacober Creative CES Consulting branded pattern by Jacober Creative