Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Coral Gables Art Cinema


Branding / Video / Web Design


While the Coral Gables Art Cinema is now one of Florida’s leading specialty film presenters, when we began working with them, they had yet to open their doors. They needed to define who they would be as a brand, as a non-profit organization serving the community, and as a cultural destination. This required a logo that would help define them – cutting edge film art, upscale Coral Gables, solid and entertaining at the same time – and be forward enough looking to stay fresh over a number of years.
Within a year of launching their activities as a movie theater, they realized they needed a more functional, contemporary website and hired Jacober Creative to design one. It had to be robust, constantly updatable by many staff members, beautiful to view, and easily to navigate for customers from 18 to 80 years old.

Our Approach

The logo we created, which can be used with multiple color schemes, was a perfect synthesis of the client’s messaging needs. It of course said film and tropical weather with the iconic film reel as a sun peeking over stylized ocean waves. It also addressed the client’s needs to communicate simply who they were by calling out the words “Gables” and “Cinema” in a playful but authoritative way.
Websites for non-profit cinemas can be tricky, as they must work to promote weeks of current upcoming movies and events; provide for customer service and direct sales; communicate large amounts of written, graphic and moving image information in an organized fashion; capture the brand throughout; and must be built on a stable and functional coding foundation. We succeeded in combining all these elements in an eye-catching design that mixes sliders, video, updating blog elements, and multiple page styles, one that the Cinema’s young staff could easily update through a smooth and flexible backend. Best of all, the general public found the website attractive, refreshing and usable.

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