Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Crescent Heights 1212 Lincoln Road


Branding / Logo / Signage / Marketing Collateral


Crescent Heights is one of the country’s leading urban real estate firms, specializing in the development, ownership, and operation of architecturally distinctive mixed-use high-rises in major cities across the United States. They identified Jacober Creative as just the right Miami agency to create a logo for their ambitious new 1212 Lincoln Road project spanning almost the whole west side of the 1600 block of Alton, that could be used for signage and marketing collateral. They wanted something distinctive, that was contemporary, said South Beach, and welcomed visitors to this new mixed-used complex.

Our Approach

The logo we designed emphasizes the ascending and descending strokes of the letters in Twelve Twelve – smart and friendly at the same time. The concept involved breaking each letter up and creating a supporting pattern that could be used to help showcase or brand the new location. Colorful and playful, yet chic and hip, the logo uses a neutral san serif font — all caps — clean and mean, with a dot of caffeine. Deconstructing the letters and making a unique type treatment out of a very unassuming font, we were able to dress it up without making it overdone. Crescent Heights needs to bring people to their new development, which will house retail and restaurants, so it was important to have a visually captivating logo that turns heads.
Aside from the main signage, the logo works perfectly on supporting marketing pieces like stationery, business cards, t-shirts, mugs and totes.
Project included:
• Logo design

• Supporting collateral, letterhead, business cards
• Other marketing collateral including t-shirts and totes

• Style guide

1-1212-Logo.jpg 2-1212-Business Cards.jpg 3-1212-Letterhead.jpg 4-1212-Envelopes.jpg 5-1212-totes.jpg 6-1212-tees.jpg 7-1212-cups_pens.png 8-1212-brochure.jpg