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Vegan cuisine has moved from the margins of the American diet to becoming an almost trendy option – think Beyonce and Jay Z – with a gourmet approach in restaurants across the country, except in Miami, until now. GLAM, “a new vibe on vegan,” will open in the fall of 2015 in the hip Wynwood district, and needed Jacober Creative, our Miami Beach-based studio, to create a complete branding strategy, a cool logo and a friendly and accessible website.

Our Approach

We worked with the restaurant’s founder, Janette Miller, helping to develop her branding from the ground up. Jacober Creative proposed the name “GLAM,” an acronym that stands for Green Living Animals Matter, and the tagline “a new vibe on vegan” to capture the essence of this contemporary, healthy but fashion-forward restaurant concept. The logo we created is hand drawn and in-sync with the art and gallery focus of urban, edgy Wynwood. The typeface has a symmetrical and tubular feel, with each letter based on the same elongated oval shape. Related graphic assets include a stylized take on an image of grass and a variety of “rock-and-roll” inspired rough-hewn backgrounds.

1-glam.jpg 2-glam.jpg 3-glam.jpg 3-glam-1.jpg glam-posts-1.jpg glam-stories1.jpg glam-posts-2.jpg glam-WEB-2.jpg glam-WEB-1.jpg 4-glam.jpg 5-glam.jpg 6-glam.jpg 7-glam.jpg 8-glam.jpg 9-glam.jpg 10-glam.jpg 11-glam.jpg 12-glam.jpg glam-press.jpg