Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Guerrilla Nutrition




Provider of gourmet Paleo food service, Guerrilla Nutrition, needed a whole new look as they ramped up to become a nationally known brand. Their seasonal, fresh, locally sourced, chef-created menus are geared towards an upscale, health conscious consumer looking for convenient but delicious Paleo meal choices. 

Our Approach

The logo we created captures a few different aspects of the Guerilla brand. The elements of nature  – the waves of the ocean, the rays of the sun, and earth represented as a mountain – play off the idea of the food pyramid. Two custom-made fonts are used to communicate the cutting edge, powerful Paleo diet designed for the tag we created for them: Fuel for the Urban Warrior. The words and icons were designed to be used as a unified logo or two stand alone as separate and easily identifiable elements, and can work in both a range of color combinations, and a variety of marketing and related collateral. 

Project scope included:
• Designing a logo
• Sample marketing ideas
• Style Guide
• Meal plan menu template

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