Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar



Branding / Logo Design / Print / Web Design


For Pizza Rox we created a branding suite that reflected the fresh, fun style of the concept that also communicated the product - completely customized pizza with fresh ingredients. The logo we created illustrates the concept of a rock n' roll pizza shop, with a nod to the rotating 800-degree oven used in store. The flame represents both the heat in the kitchen and the cool factor of the restaurants concept.

Our Approach

The tagline, "Free Your Pizza" is a subtle nod to famous pop rock song and aligns with the brand concept of offering customers completed customizable pizza. In addition to the logo, we created an easy-to-navigate website with a custom online ordering system and a suite of branding materials used in-store and for marketing the concept to the consumer. 

Project scope included:
• Branding Logo
• Logo Redesign 
• Web Design & Programming
• Branded menu and print materials

jacober-pizzarox2.jpg jacober-pizzarox3.jpg jacober-pizzarox4.jpg jacober-pizzarox5.jpg jacober-pizzarox6.jpg jacober-pizzarox7.jpg jacober-pizzarox8.jpg jacober-pizzarox9.jpg jacober-pizzarox10.jpg