Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar



Branding / Logo / Web


Finding distressed properties and turning them around is the raison d’être of Reanimar – giving new life to old homes, and in turn, whole communities. Recently launched, they brought in Jacober Creative to develop all their branding, from logo to marketing materials to a website.

Our Approach

The fluid swirls in the Reanimar logo we designed naturally reference the turning around of distressed properties, the transition from something old to something new. The font we used as a jumping off point has a Deco undertone, and the final concept falls squarely within a classic real estate motif. The logo works well on all sorts of branded collateral, with the “swooshes” working as stand alone icons as well. Check back soon for more on the website, launching shortly.

renastat.jpg reanimarsign.jpg rebrochure.jpg renaweb1.jpg reanimar3.jpg