Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

St. Barts Fashion




St. Barts, the hip and upscale French-speaking Caribbean island destination, was just calling out for us to create some fashion-forward but casual accessories you can wear and carry. “We Heart St. Barts” is the theme.

Our Approach

We wanted people to feel the breeze, the sand, the ocean and the laid-back but chic vibe of the real St. Barts.We created hand-drawn barely-there bathing suit illustrations formed from the French words “Je t’aime” and “Le Soleil et la Mer,” written in a fluid nouveau-style. They covered sleekly drawn models, and we printed the whole concept on to cool tees. Eco-green canvass bags as well as tank tops sport a second look, a custom contemporary “ooh la la” spin on a street-meets-beach style, with a soft “graffiti feel.”

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