Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Swiss Property Management


Branding / Logo / Web / Print


Swiss Property Management provides high-end services, professional services for individual private residences and large building associations. They needed a new logo and website that would both communicate their outstanding quality and provide easy-to-use access for their diverse clients.

Our Approach

We developed an original logo that was both classy and sophisticated in its use of typography, based on the Ht-Didot font. The font was further customized by eliminating the thin strokes on each letter, creating a beautiful, almost shimmering effect. This worked for the company as hard-to-forget branding without diverging from their solid reputation for excellence. A simple and clean website was created using this same look and feel, both fashionable and timeless.

swiss_before after.jpg swiss_collateral.jpg swiss_brochure.jpg swiss_desk.jpg