Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

When Artesano’s founder Claudia Estrada came to us for a logo update we couldn’t help but get excited about working with such a great brand that has local Miami connections. We got straight to work taking her mandate to update the branding, “to portray the consciousness, design and special features of our high-end products.”
What we came up with is a subtle nod to the brand’s roots, using a combination of symbols and a typeface to reference Ecuador, where Claudia is from, and where the brand produces their hats.“The inspiration behind the Artesano logo was the equator,” says Nicolette, our designer. “Claudia’s (hats, bags, etc.) are made by local artisans in Ecuador, which means equator in Spanish. Both of these things have a huge role in who Artesano is as a company. I created the typography and icon to feature a "split" – like who the equator splits the earth – to subtly nod to this aspect of Artesano.”
Rounding the crossbars in the A to mirror the curve of the earth and creating some breaks in the lines of the other letters, Nicolette was able to continue the theme of the equator across the logo. The resulting feeling is classically cool, marrying the hand-crafted aspect of the brand, while incorporating the circle and line symbols to provide a sense of place.

Nicolette says, “Claudia’s company uses only eco-friendly and sustainable materials and practices, and I liked the idea of marrying the earth element with the logo.”
Do you like the result as much as we doartesano logo.jpg

More About Artesano
Artesano is a Ecuadorian lifestyle brand that produces stylish and sustainable Panama hats. Part of the sales go to non-profit organization called TECHO to help build homes in poor communities in Ecuador. To get an insider’s look at the brand, we sat down with one of the founders (and our friend) Claudia to ask her some questions. 
Name: Claudia
Astrological Sign: Libra
Favorite Place to Travel: Portugal
Favorite Color: Pink (At the Moment)
1. How did you start the brand and what was your inspiration? 
My current business partner came to me with the business proposition and I jumped right in. The concept we decided to implement is to make classic panama hats with a "now" twist – the style is timeless chic.
2. Artesano is sustainable and organic - can you talk about some of the new materials you have been working with?
As you know Panama Hats are made out of the Toquilla straw, most of our straw hats and bags are also made of this material. Last year I discovered this new material called Piñatex, which is a fabric made out of pineapple leaf fibers. The material looks like leather and I fell in love with the look of it! 
With Piñatex, we have created several bags and we are in the midst of developing shoes. Everything is made with eco-friendly (non-animal) components so we typically work with plant fibers.
2. What three words best describe your brand style? 
Classic, Conscious and Chic!
3. What are some of your best-selling styles? 
The Amalfi, Sevilla, Valencia, Formentera are very popular. And the more classic hats like the Azuay are very popular. 
4. What is your personal favorite?  
My favorites are the Cassis and the Madeira.
5. How do you think branding and social media has helped define your brand story?  
Our branding has helped Artesano define its style, it showcases our style of "classic" with a "modern" vibe. Also, our photography has helped communicate the lifestyle of our brand to customers.
6. What do you have planned for the brand in the future? 
We are introducing about 5 new hat styles for Resort and Spring that we are working on at the moment. And we will be launching new bags and shoes as well!
7. Where do you get inspiration for your designs? (ie. the X or the || patterns...)

I get the inspirations from all I see in my day to day life. Nature, my closet ;), architecture, travel, and so much more …
8. Though your brand is Ecuadorian, you are based here. Can you share some of your Miami insider tips with us? 

Eat at Lucali, visit Fairchild Tropical Garden, stroll along 2nd avenue in Wynwood.
For more about Artesano, visit artesano.net.

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