Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar
This project features a vibrant, whimsical take on the iconic event, blending chiseled shapes, insouciant cultural references, and a dash of Parisian panache to celebrate the Games.

 Illustration of a fencer for Paris Olympics 2024

Symbols with a Spin

Our illustrations reimagine the iconography of the Olympics, turning traditional symbols into striking designs that capture the energy and excitement of the event. "Posh in Paris" takes the stylish sophistication Paris is renowned for and blends it with our lighthearted, humorous approach to graphic design. Our dynamic designs feature six vivid colors: blueish purple, magenta, sky blue, red, yellow, and black. These head-turning hues breathe new life into the classic sports motifs, while gridded circular shapes, sharp cuts, and graphic geometric compositions create a visually rich experience — you can almost sink your teeth into. Our matching typographic nameplate, "Posh in Paris," is deconstructed chic, with custom overlapping letters and shapes that include references to the Paris skyline's most iconic structural silhouette.

Illustration of a breakdancer

Spotlight on the Sports

From the grace of gymnastics to the pumping speed of cycling, the 2024 Paris Olympics will showcase a diverse group of sports that appeal to audiences worldwide — including the addition of breakdancing (definitely a Rapper’s Delight)  to the second appearance of surfing in the competitions (totally tubular). Our illustrations bring these sports to life with a unique, playful creativity.

 Illustration of a Gymnast

Cheeky Cultural References

Anything that embodies the je ne sais quoi which only Paris has pops up in these graphic interpretations: fleur-de-lis tatted wrestlers; fencers casually taking a toke; Chanel branded surfers; Louboutin-wearing javelin throwers (and weightlifters too); perfectly coifed French facial hair; red wine-sipping rowers (mid-stroke, of course); and not-be-left-out Jean Paul Gaultier inspired stripes. 

 Illustration of a high jumper

A Nod to Round in Rio

"Posh In Paris" follows in the footsteps of our Round in Rio initiative, which highlighted the vibrant culture and infectious energy of the Rio Olympics. Our designs celebrated the city’s inhabitants with simple and graphic cylindrical shapes (that played off the title), and that also paid tribute to Brazil's voluptuous and curvaceous silhouettes. This time, we're channeling the nonchalant (but eye-catching) allure of Paris, creating a series of illustrations that are both refined, a little cool and aloof, but always clever.

 Illustration of a surfer

There’s More!

The designs can be seen, and related apparel and accessories purchased, at the Life Is How You Design It website that Jacober Creative launched a few years ago to make our professional work available in a consumer-friendly form to the general public, www.lifeishowyoudesignit.com. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the Games. Follow us on social, visit our website, and join the conversation with the hashtag #PoshInParis. Let the Games and the Creativity begin!

 Paris Olympics Poster

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