Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Surfside | The Making of the Video


For our latest campaign for Surfside, MIami’s Uptown Beachtown, we wanted to showcase the lifestyle of Surfside and all it has to offer – to both locals and visitors – in a dynamic way. So what did we do? We created a short film. (Drumroll please!) [...]


Known for its mile of beautiful beach, luxury beachfront hotels and culturally diverse restaurants, Surfside combines the best of the beachtown lifestyle with uptown amenities. Think casual morning at the beach meets tea time with macaroons.
Our idea was to bring the beauty of Surfside to the big screen with a short film that showcases what makes Surfside such an great destination. The film focuses on a beautiful (really beautiful) woman and handsome (super handsome) man and their adventures through Surfside. By telling the story of each character separately we were able to truly showcase the uptown and the beachtown. Fancy Shopping? Check. Laid Back Beachtime? Check. Posh Macaroons? Check. Delicious Deli Food? Check.
As for the story’s ending, we purposely kept it loose. Do the man and woman know each other from the beginning? Or do they meet at the end for the first time? You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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Miami’s Uptown Beachtown


Surfside is Miami’s Uptown Beachtown. An unforgettable destination, Surfside features a mile of pristine beach, luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping, and culturally diverse restaurants. Situated between Miami Beach and Bal Harbour, Surfside combines the best of a beachtown with the lifestyle of a global destination. Learn more about our favorite Miami destination (Surfside) here.


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