Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Surf Rap


Logo / Apparel


A fusion in both words and concept of two unexpected styles – surf and rap – this company needed a unique, cutting edge logo that would appeal to today’s young demographic interested in music, fashion and art. It had to be rooted in both hip hop, and the surfing and skater cultures, and be ready-to-use on t-shirts and with other branding opportunities, including related music videos and releases.

Our Approach

We took SurfRap’s basic shark jaw concept and spun it out into a “bulls-eye” target that is distinctive and sharp. It calls to mind a rapper’s amplified riffs and, at the same time, the rippling waves that a surfer might be hanging ten on. Printed on a t-shirt it’s on point and distinctive, the kind of trendy and cool apparel choice younger customers across on coasts across the globe would want to wear.

SR_hats.jpg SR_swag.jpg SR_surfers.jpg SR_dj.jpg