Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Wynwood School of Music: They Got the Beat


At Jacober Creative, we celebrate innovation and creativity in every sense. Our passion for design is equal to our passion for music (Miami Music Week countdown has started already). And that’s why we’re thrilled to help the soon to be opened Wynwood School of Music enhance its brand personality with a newly designed logo. 

We created a logo design that would stand out in the hustle and bustle of Wynwood, while creating an identity that resonates with the school’s values: youthful, upbeat, and cool. For us, the School’s overall persona resembles the sardonic, irreverent, and intelligent qualities of musician Childish Gambino — cool and edgy, yet approachable. Surrounded by the prominent murals of Miami’s leading arts neighborhood, we recognized that Wynwood School of Music has its own special style. We incorporated specific lettering, colors, and themes to visually accentuate the school’s charm. The School’s distinct characteristics helped us to portray its colorful, funky, and robust role in the local community of music.

Wynwood School of Music Logo as a Mural

With the use of customized san serif typography (hand drawn, thank you), we were able to create each letter and bring the brand to life. The logo incorporates the feel of the local graffiti with an elevated level of grandeur. The “oo” in both the words Wynwood and School resemble vinyl, CDs, or even boomboxes. Their alternating vertical and horizontal variations emphasizes creativity and diversity. Exaggerated swashes throughout the logo add a groovy element to the brand’s identity keeping it rooted in a strong musical direction. At Jacober Creative, we specialize in symbolism that tells a story through design.    

 Wynwood School of Music logo on poster

The school is built on the values of authenticity, honesty, discipline, and creativity. Its leaders, local instructors and musicians, Sammy Gonzalez and Zach Larmer, take pride in their ability to provide students with real-life experience and prepare them for success in the music industry. “On behalf of Wynwood School of Music, we want to thank you for this great creative you put together for us,” said Larmer.  “We're very happy with the direction we landed on.” The fully-equipped facility is set to open this summer and will “allow students to spend time with their peers and feel inspired by the power of music.” 

 Wynwood School of Music Vertical Logo

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