Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

Put A Ring On It: Finding The Branding Agency For You


Choosing the right creative agency is tricky, somewhat like selecting a life partner. It demands more than just creativity – it requires a deep dive into what makes your company or organization tick, and what you need in your marketing team. So  let's navigate this journey, keeping our focus on your branding needs (and leave the love advice for another day).


Initiating this collaboration begins with clarifying your objectives. Imagine deciding between a fleeting spark or a lasting flame for your brand—do you seek to ignite immediate interest or cultivate enduring awareness, boost sales, or make your mark in new markets? Establishing clear goals is the first step in finding the right marketing agency, one equipped with the precise expertise and experience your brand needs.

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Look beyond companies specializing solely in your industry – versatility and a proven track record across diverse sectors suggest an ability to think outside the box, offering you the creative edge you desire. The agency you select should boast a comprehensive repertoire of services, from strategic planning to creative execution.

Take a good look at their portfolios and case studies to gauge their creative expertise, effectiveness and industry insight. Pay attention not only to their work but also to how they communicate their strategies and solutions, offering a glimpse into their process, solutions and skills.


Understanding an agency's approach to projects can provide insights into their creative acumen, problem-solving skills, and process, and how these align with your brand's needs. Cultural fit is paramount—seek an agency whose values, work ethic, and approach harmonize with yours. Remember, the size of the agency can influence its culture  – smaller teams often provide a more tailored experience and adaptability.

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We pride ourselves on forging long-term partnerships. Whether it's crafting a singular logo or spearheading a comprehensive advertising campaign, we build lasting relationships with our clients. As attentive listeners, we're dedicated to understanding and achieving our goals.  From one of the first sellers of quality juices JugoFresh to tennis great Venus Williams, from South Florida’s premier luxury real estate firm The Jills to cutting-edge Frost Museum of Science, and from the Palm Beach Marina to the Town of Surfside, Jacober is the destination of choice for smart, sharp and effective marketing, design, branding and public relations. 

So, are you ready to consummate things with us and put a ring on it?



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Are you looking for a design-focused agency to bring your ideas to life? Jacober Creative is a Miami Beach-based, award-winning creative studio that specializes in graphic design, branding, logos, digital marketing, websites and video production. Let’s work together. [Contact Us]

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