Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar
When Paul, our creative director, was traveling in Canada last year we wanted to show our love for our northern neighbors. So we got to work creating something for social media – our way of showing our public support for a city we (Paul) quickly fell in-love with.
The idea was to create something that would showcase Toronto in a new way while also showing our love and appreciation of the city. Our art director Adriana decided to create a font. “It took a couple of hours to create, including inspirational research and sketches. I knew for a fact I wanted to do a condensed font. The constraint to fit “Toronto” and “We Love Toronto” within a square was a fun challenge.”
Inspired by editorial typography and some iconic Toronto buildings, the result is new expression for Toronto that we think Canadians themselves could appreciate.


“I think people are attracted to where they came from and I thought this would be a cool look for Toronto. I imagine someone walking into a Toronto gift store and buying a poster just because they like the letters,” says Adriana. “I like to give people what they're familiar with but with a new perspective.”


Back to the Name

We know what you are thinking. And no, it is not called Adriana Grande because we think Ariana Grande is from Toronto. (We are up enough on our pop culture to know that she is from a place called Boca Raton, which is just up the way from our beautiful home in sunny Miami Beach. #thankyouverymuch).
But it is a grand font and since it’s the first real font Adriana has created, we thought it was a clever and fitting play on words. Perhaps one day we’ll use to create a graphic for the pop icon herself but for now we think this is fun too.


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