Jacobar Jacobar
Jacobar Jacobar

We made a coloring book! An adult coloring book to be exact. High Tides: Tales of Mermaids, Mayhem & Miami Beach follows a mythical maritime traveler as she arrives on the shores of South Beach and navigates the mayhem that inevitably swirls around any visitor to the Magic City’s shores. It is inspired by all the wonders of Miami Beach - from Palm Trees to Pools, from Disco to Deco, from Tow Trucks to Trannies (and more).
Published this week, the book includes forty pages of original hand drawn illustrations depicting the many sides of life by the ocean. Hidden among the pages are references that only locals might recognize – nods to early Miami Beach pioneers like the Skull Sisters and Louis Canales – and hotspots (like The Standard) that visitors and residents will appreciate. 
From the colorful art deco landscape of Ocean Drive to wild nights at LIV, this playful coloring book is a mirror of the local landscape. Color inside (or outside) the lines and you’ll get an unfiltered look at what shapes this adult playground into a paradigm of modern hedonism.


On Coloring Books

While coloring books have been very au courant as of late, we like to think that High Tides is extra-special – it’s a unique nod to how special this city really is while also providing the creative outlet and mental health benefits of coloring.
We hope you enjoy making Miami Beach as vibrant as you desire, as vivid
 as you want, and as cool as you think! The tides might be rising but nothing can stop Miami Beach from showing its true colors - and now yours!

Special Thanks

Special To Nicolette Connell, thank you for helping this adventure come to life (above and below the water). And to the team for making it happen.

Where to Find High Tides

Want your very own copy of our coloring book? You can purchase at one of Miami’s local boutiques – Frangipani in Wynwood or Babalu in South Beach – and on our website lifeishowyoudesignit.com.

Want to Color with Us?

We’re a team that loves a good creative project. Whether you need a logo, a website, a video or a simple doodle for your brand, we can help. Let’s connect. [Contact Us]

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